• We did some training courses for 4-16 weeks in our center such as:
  • Training for undergraduate P&O students of Jordanian University P&O Department.
  • Training for some CPOs from the Royal Medical Services.
  • Different trainees from private sector.
  • We did some workshops through participation of some international companies at the Royal Medical Services, Ministry of Health, university of Jordan and some private sectors.


  • An intensive training program in Damascus at Ibn al-Nafis Hospital (through a British charity) for three years as a partial period (every other week). The trainees were the first and second group of the graduates prosthetists from the Syrian Health Institute were their study was only theoretical. The training courses was comprehensive, included upper and lower extremity prosthesis, braces, Orthoses and spinal Orthoses.
  • The second training was for six months in Hama to train the occupational therapists on how to manufacture the quick Orthoses.
  • In Quneitra we did establish a special education center, including the physiotherapy and occupational therapy department and also orthotics services .
  • Long training program for some Syrian technicians in Amman and some of them working with us tell now.


  • Training for some Orthotic Technicians at Earth and flour Rehab center in Al-Khartoum.
  • Trace a plan to develop the National Authority center For Prosthetics and Orthotics  in Khartoum.


  • Some training workshops in Cairo in private sector.

Saudi Arabia:

  • Training CPOs in Mobility solutions center in Makah
  • Supervising the P&O production there and in Jeddah branch

Participation as a lecturer, instructor, trainer and presenter in Germany, UK, China, Turkey, Yemen … etc.