A new success in the field of prostheses for the first time in Jordan and the Middle East. It was a surgical initiative from the Orthopedic Consultant at the King Hussein Cancer Center Dr. Ahmed Shehadeh to perform the first osseointegration surgery Jordan and the Middle East by inserting a platinum wedge in the femur of a young amputated patient from the above knee, then our center- Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Center for Prostheses and Orthoses- started rehabilitation for this young man after the success of the surgery by fitting him with prosthesis connected at the end of the implanted wedge inside his thigh bone through the application of continuous stages of fitting, follow-up and training for more than a year. Professor Yousef Sarhan also had the main hand in guiding and following up all the rehabilitation procedures for this young man who cooperated with us, challenging all difficulties and with the help of the physical therapist in the King Hussein Cancer Center.