Our Vision

To be an excellence center in providing the best medical services with high quality associated with training and scientific research and the first comprehensive center in Jordan and the Middle East for logistics, technology and medical supply.

Our Mission

To Provide Society With Superior Products, Innovative Services And Solutions That Improve The Quality Of Life And Satisfy Client Needs. And to Provide Employees With Meaningful Work And Advancement Opportunities.

Our Values

  1. Our Business Focuses in Preserving And Improving Human Quality Of Life, All Of Our Actions are measured By Our Success In Achieving This Goal And Our Ability To Serve The Disabled Handicapped Persons And Everyone Can Benefit From Our Products And services.
  2. We Are Committed To The Highest Standards Of Ethics and integrity we Are Responsible To Our Customers, Clients and Employees.
  3. We Are Dedicated To The Highest Level Of Improving Excellence And Commit Our Research To Improving Human Health, Mobility And Quality Of Life.
  4. We Expect Profits, But Only from the Work That Satisfies Customer’s Needs and Benefits Humanity.
  5. We Recognize that the ability to excel – to most competitively meet society and Customer’s needs – Depends on the Integrity, Knowledge, Imagination, Skill and Team Work of Employees, And We Value These Qualities Most Highly.
  6. Respect Our Client Privacy.
  7. Justice and equity among the beneficiaries of our services.