This book includes a clear definition of the process of amputation surgery and also explains in easy language some of the complications and some of the necessary surgical procedures, and also shows the causes of amputee suffering after the amputation surgery as pain or phantom sensations that may affect the feelings of the amputee and sometimes cause a negative psychological reactions.

The study, in the form of a set of questions and answers, feeling of the amputee or any things he could face that may cause different pain or sometimes cause an imbalance that lead to the patient’s lack of movement or imbalance during walking. And provides guidelines for the prevention of various infections.

This study shows the usual method for the appropriate mechanism of wrapping the stump in the right shape, in addition to the physiotherapy required after the amputation surgery, during applying the prosthesis and after it, in addition to the desired positions for the amputee at home and how to prevent any complications that limit the patient’s comfort or prevent him from wearing the prosthesis in the right way and walking in appropriate manner.

In addition to the above, the study explains the types of prostheses and explains some common mistakes. The study also includes general guidelines for the life of the amputee after prosthesis, and the variables that may be felt by the amputee, especially when applying his first prosthesis.

The study mention the types of Lower and upper prostheses and their parts and functions. In this context, it is necessary to clarify the global mechanism of scientific work for the stages of rehabilitation of the amputee, as it is important for the amputee to know before the amputation surgery – if the amputation not due to a sudden accident.

The study also explains some information related to the upper limb and clarify the rights of the amputees in general and to provide general advices to the amputees as well as to the service providers from different medical specialties.


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